Ashwood Cricket Club's founders were having problems of their own finding an oval for the team they had gathered from Ashburton East. With no wickets, turf or concrete, in the immediate area they hunted around ad eventually shared an oval at Glen Iris Park, off Saxby Rd. The ovals Ashwood played on - Nos 3 and 4 - are believed to be beneath Monash Freeway.
Before that first season club secretary Joe Thomas fired off letters to the Shire of Mulgrave about a strip of land further east along Gardiners Creek, off High Street Rd. The land was known from the 1860's as "common block", on which local farmers could agist cattle or sheep out of their orchards. Since the district had become urbanised, stock numbers were down and the block was disused.
In a letter dated September 5, 1950, Thomas asked on behalf of the club for two cricket pitches to be laid on the vacant land. "At the moment we are forced to share a pitch with another club and to take our players to another suburb," he wrote. "The membership of the club is growing and had we grounds more suitable we would have been able to enter more teams."
It seems the idea of using the block for sport was new. Mulgrave Shire secretary Frank Bales wrote back on September 23 to advise the Shire did not believe that the land was big enough for a cricket ground. But "the council has decided to make application to the Public Works Department for a grant towards the cost of levelling and re-grading the area to make it more suitable for use as a sports ground".
Towards the end of the season Thomas again wrote to the Shire asking it to confirm a rumor that 1500 punds was to be spent on the block to turn it into a sports oval. Bales replied on February 26 with the news that the Minister for Public Works had made available 1000 pounds for construction of an oval. "Levels etc, and other preparatory work are at present being undertaken and every endeavour will be made to have the ground available for use during the coming cricket season."