Ivan J Wilkinson Medal for the Championship player of the year
Named after one of the club’s living legends, and record games player, the Ivan J Wilkinson Medal is awarded to the player who accumulates the most points for runs, wickets, catches, run outs, stumpings and other selected criteria over the season, including finals.
Ivan is a Life Member, has played in 3 premierships, captained teams, won batting and bowling averages, as well as being known as one of the best wicket-keepers the club has produced. Ivan has also held almost every position on the committee over three decades, including the senior roles as President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Ivan is also the club statistician and keeper of records at the Ashwood Cricket Club - a voluntary role that he has completed with diligence and passion for many years.
Also known around the club affectionately as “uncle”, a nickname coined given the amount of nephews and other relatives Ivan has at the club. Ivan is a larrikin, who is always up for a bit of fun as well as a word of encouragement.
Past Winners:

2001/02 - Max Tennison
2002/03 - J. Walford
2003/04 - A. Edmonds
2004/05 - L. Northway
2005/06 - S. O'Connor
2006/07 - D. Wilkinson
2007/08 - D. Wilkinson
2008/09 - M P. Edmonds
2016/17 - S. Dissanayake